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Here at tea, we believe that every business is a brand.

A purposeful brand strategy is a core component to business growth. It rallies people around simple human truths that matter, and inspires the progress that founders strive for. Most importantly, it leads to positive changes in the world.

And we can make that brand power accessible to you.

What we do

We have a special brew for every taste.

You may need to develop a new brand, revitalise an old one, or rethink your ambitions altogether. By looking deep and with eyes wide open, we can provide an external point of view that brings clarity to both your future vision and current operations. We do it as much by analysing your brand’s positioning, as by living it internally, to get a feel for your culture.

Our specialty lies in unlocking your brand’s potential with actionable solutions tailored to your needs. So whether it’s just a workshop or the full monty, we want to make brand strategy work for you.

Macro trends
Competitor analysis
Customer behaviour
Brand audit

Brand idea
Brand framework
Brand identity
Brand architecture

Organisational change
Employee engagement
Brand initiatives

Brand tools
Brand system
Brand measurement

Who we are

We are the most diverse small agency.

And we are not in this alone. As part of a global family of brand leaders, we are connected to a wide network of academics and professionals.

It gives us the power, sharp insight and agility to help brands stand the test of time. Imagine Hulk, Wolverine and speedy Gonzales incorporated in one. Small, but mighty.

Our approach

We want to help our clients, big or small, achieve not only their business goals, but challenge what’s wrong with the world today.

To make brand strategy accessible, we had to adjust our approach. That is why we’ve developed the following principles to guide our process.






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